A House in the Blue Sky is a side mission that Kat can partake in Gravity Rush 2. It is available after completing the fourteenth story mission "Carefree Gentleman".

Story Edit

While exploring Endestria, Kat approaches a surveyor who was recently hired to set up three beacons in the district. There is one problem that stops him from carrying his job: he is afraid of heights. Kat is curious as to why he would take a job like this with such as fear, but his reasoning is that he wants to help renovate Endestria and get the district up and running again.

He has Kat take the first two beacons up to higher grounds, but the second one (placed outside the remnants of the Storm Shield Tower) isn't working. Rather than let him call for repairs, Kat instead takes him up to the beacon herself, insisting that he needs to overcome his fear of heights if he doesn't want to keep changing jobs.

With all three beacons in place, the surveyor asks Kat to take a photo of all three of them horizontally aligned, with the fastest running beacon on the left, to the slowest on the right. By the time Kat is finished, the surveyor has gotten used to being so high up, effectively overcoming his fear. He is grateful for Kat's help, giving her his thanks before she leaves.

Walkthrough Edit

Take the first beacon with you up to the ruins of one of the smoke stacks, then come back and take the second beacon over to the Storm Shield Tower ruins. This one isn't working, so the surveyor will need to have a look at it; return to him, and bring him to the same inactive beacon. Next, take the last beacon over to another smoke stack, then take the surveyor to the giant tanks on the west end of Endestria.

The last you need is a photo of all three beacons, aligned horizontally. The fastest beacon should be to the left, and the slowest on the right. Make sure all three beacons are in the frame.

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