A Game of Gravity is one of many side missions in Gravity Rush 2 that becomes available once the player finishes Episode 20 of the story, "How to Say Goodbye".

Overview Edit

When Kat decides to visit Sun Mansion, she sees Fi surrounded by many martial artists. Fi explains that these men are students of his personal dojo. He decides to challenge Kat to a fight: her against 100 of his disciples. Kat, remembering past experiences, correctly assumes that gravity powers will be prohibited; one student doesn't take kindly to this. Even with overwhelming odds against her, Kat still beats all of Fi's disciples quite handily, but she has one more fighter to face: Fi himself.

Fi challenges Kat to a game of Bo'arack, with the rules of no powers, leaving the arena, or falling in the lake. Kat wins again, but even so, Fi and his followers learn from the experience and eagerly await future challenges from Kat after further training.

Gameplay Edit

The first leg of this side mission is a 1 vs 100 brawl against Fi's disciples. You will have no gravity powers at your disposal, so you are relying solely on your own strength in win here. However, there is a tension gauge in the top right of the screen that fills up as you beat up the students, but decreases with inactivity and damage; Kat will receive brief access to Jupiter Style once the tension bar fills completely, which buffs her damage output, and make her impervious to most damage. If you take damage, flee the fight for a moment and grab a vitality gem to heal. Some foes will occasionally drop one of these gems.

The second leg is a rematch with Fi in a game of Bo'arack. By now, you should be good at it. Just beat Fi up as much as possible in a short time span; use the Heel Stomp to do more damage. Fi will once again telegraph his attacks enough for you to react to his moves. Be careful though: falling in the water is an automatic forfeit, but luckily this rule applies to Fi as well. Beat him up to collect the bell he drops three times to win.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically, this mission is titled "A Game of Gravity", yet Kat is prohibited from using her gravity based powers.
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